* so apparently people are having issues running the game, not sure what's going on with that as we've tested it on windows and linux in multiple browsers. probably for the best if you can't play it

instructions: use info gathered from the scene to schedule the shuttle travel (left monitor) so that mr skullz can get to his important meetings. lclick to open elements, rclick anywhere to close them

"I like the telephone. This is definitely better than the shape game" raves Alicia

"Probably improvement from VANJam" says cocreator Danny

"Wow I don't even get a credit in this" claims DevTek spokesperson

Made by Devin and Danny (DevDan) for Ludum Dare 38 ("a small world") in 72 hours with special contribution by K7.

tools used: unity3d, audacity, krita, aseprite, beepbox.co, ... not sure what else

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Authorsxhg, Dorblin7z7
Made withUnity
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