nov 13 update- webgl unity cloud build test

for vanjam made with grassman7z7, source here

arrow to go left/right, space to interact

here's how it's supposed to work:

during the day you can check out houses to see how many eggs are in them, so you can maximize your robbing time at night. but checking houses and idling around increases your suspicion which can increase police presence at night and make certain houses unrobbable.

at night you go to houses and steal all their eggs and there is a time limit for night robbing. the numbers for time/suspision/eggs didn't get a chance to get tweaked before upload so this stuff isn't really balanced or hard. running into a police at night makes you lose all your eggs. you can hide (space bar) in bushes to avoid the cops.

so some mechanics are missing, there's only 1 pre-built level, no sounds/music, sprites are all over the place, etc. most of the time was spent having my co-creator give me a crash course in unity/programming.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Authorsxhg, Dorblin7z7
Made withUnity


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