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Hey there Blood Mage, are you ready to rip it on the world's most dangerous road? If you're fit to make the cut, fire up the engine on your sanguine screamer and get ready to tear it up! Can you reach the end of this dangerous track, or are you going to be left in the dust?

Out here, your blood is the only thing worth anything, which is lucky for you: your ride runs on high octane blood, so if you start to run low you know where to get that from - yourself! Just pump the brakes and start bloodletting and you'll be fueled back up in no time! Burn that extra blood with the turbo boost and blast ahead for the quickest time! If you don't feel like fueling up from yourself, take it from the road. There are gallons of blood just waiting for you - from cauldrons, goblets, or even those labcoats working the local blood drive.

You aren't the only thing on the road; you didn't think it'd be easy did you? The rough road is covered in obstacles that'll slow you down and drain your health, so stay on the straight and narrow and slow down to make those tight turns. It looks like the Ghostly Ghouls want to put a stop to your fun - run them off the road before they scrap you and take their blood! Don't worry though, if you run out of blood you can always pump the brakes and push the needle to fill back up!

So, it's quite simple really: race to the end, boil that extra blood with your boost, brake to fuel back up, and take what you need to get the edge. When you've reached the end of the gauntlet, send in your time so we can know if you're Top Blood Mage or just another burnout!


wasd, arrow keys, or numpad

esc to pause


  • Bloodletting slows you down. Keep yourself topped off from the track!
  • Boost when you will have extra fuel - it'll speed you up. Be careful, you'll lose your handling if you go too fast
  • Your blood drains quickly, especially while boosting. Make sure you collect extra blood on the course to reduce the amount of time refueling and maximize your boost!
  • Tight corners and precarious obstacles require good handling - slow down to make sure you stay on the road!
  • The shoulder and barriers of the road really slow you down and drain your blood - keep control of your ride!
  • The Ghostly Ghouls seem tough, but if you can knock them into a wall you'll take all their fuel for yourself! Try hitting them near edges or as you round corners to turn them into scrap metal.

Enjoy the ride, and don't get drained!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorsxhg, Dorblin7z7
GenreAction, Racing
Made withKrita, Godot, Blender
Tagsblood, Godot, Ludum Dare 44, metal
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


LitFV_win.zip 14 MB
LitFV_linux.zip 16 MB
LitFV_osx.zip 17 MB


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Very cool. 3D racing game for a game jam. Wicked nice.