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how can you make it full screen can someone tell me

F4 in menu


You should add the open source and/or sourcecode tag!

A friend of mine just told me about this. I absoultely loved it!!! Had one hell of a blast trying to top the leaderboards; and indeed I did so, with a score of 542! :>
Not only did I score a 208 points lead, but I have a 42 in my score!!!

PS: Playerr.lua, line 5, brreakTime = 42
Is that an intended 42?!!!

I really loved the game mechanics, I like that the movement doesn't smooth you out of corners, makes it more challenging. I also  loved the soundtrack and sfx.

If I have one complain, it's the I wish the store page explained things a bit more. I know the first stat is speed, but I'm still a bit uncertain of what the other two are. Also does the snow-map slow you down with depths more than the others?

Really great job, good sir, you made one hell of a jam-entry! I'd give it a solid 9.7/10 overall-score, IMHO. (A 10/10 on sfx/bgm AND concept.)

Disclaimer: I understand this place is a couple years old. I hope this doesn't count as a necro.

hey great score! I really appreciate the comment. I believe the breaktime is the base value for how long until your tank malfunctions, with some modifiers applied to it.

the stats are just a little fun thing for me and only partially tied to game mechanics. If I remember the second one is how slow your oxygen depletes and how much you're slowed by picking up gold. The third stat might be the tank quality, so high value means it takes longer for the tank to break.

and the snow map is the same, just the sprites are switched out.

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Fun, could 24/7 hosted servers be implemented?

Thanks! It would be a bit of a pain because I didn't have a lot of foresight when writing the network code and I'd rather not pay hosting costs for the servers right now.

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Alrighty! Still amazing either way! P.S. Im the highscore :D

Awesome! Great score

Hey, friend; is it too late to steal it from you? I got 542. xD

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This is a cool game!  I like the colourful pixel art.  Well done.



Wow! This is really cool! And all made by one rad dude to boot!