v0.3 taunts

some big-ish updates from the jam version:

  • new tilesets/maps
  • new character
  • better networking error handling (from non-existent error handling)
  • camera follows other players when you die/surface
  • larger map size
  • hopefully better balanced treasure spawns and character stats
  • collect bubbles to gain a bit of breath
  • general asset polishing (surface backgrounds, small animations, multiplayer hud, etc.)
  • reduced file size (whoops)

there are a couple things I might like to add (like adding better music tracks), but I'm pretty happy with the game's state I think. thanks for playing!


splahlunking-v0.3.zip 2 MB
Jun 03, 2017
splahlunking-v0.3.love 519 kB
Jun 03, 2017

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